Friday, March 4, 2011

1st Quarter 2011

I found an excellent deal on a Moon Modular 563V2 Trigger Sequencer, so I was able to scratch that off from my list. My "sequencing section" is now finished and looks like this:

Top row: Q119 Sequencer.
Bottom row: Q962 Sequential Switch, Q128 Switch, Q171/172 Quantizer Bank, Moon 563V2 Trigger Sequencer.

I also found a rare MAM RS3 Resonator, which is a bank of three vactrol-based bandpass filters with integrated LFO, envelope follower and CV input. Works great as part of my modular FX rack:

My next purchase, if I get a decent tax refund, will be some STG modules: Mankato Filter, Wavefolder and a mixer.