Saturday, July 30, 2011

Current state

I have not posted any recent pictures of the full 5U modular, so here it is:

Modulation Orgy

I just received a new module: the Synthetic Sound Labs (SSL) Tap Tempo LFO, aka, the Modulation Orgy. Although I haven't had any chance to use it, it looks like a very cool module: it's an LFO that syncs to a clock signal (e.g., from a sequencer or drum machine) and thus can sync to tempo, it has 8 different waveforms, which can be distorted by changing the ratio of the durations of each half-period (e.g., for the squarewave this amounts to classic PWM), and it also has a frequency multiplier. But the best thing is that each parameter is voltage-controlled, so this thing should be able to output some interesting modulating signals.

On the other hand, this module filled the remaining empty spaces on my portable cabinets, which means I'm unable to add any more modules until I buy first a couple of rack frames, and even then, I'll only have 8-12 spaces left! And no space for another cabinet.