Thursday, June 16, 2011

New modular, new format

When I was going to buy my first modular, I really wanted a Wiard Series 300 system, but they were very expensive and out of production, so I went with a system instead.

A few years later, Malekko Heavy Industry started implementing Wiard designs in the (much cheaper) Eurorack format. I decided to sell some other gear and try the Malekko stuff. I plan to build only a couple rows (ok, maybe three), and this is what I have so far of the first row.

Modules are: Malekko Output, MakeNoise/Wiard Wogglebug, Malekko/Wiard Anti-Oscillator, Malekko/Wiard Envelator, and Malekko/Wiard Borg 1 Filter. All supported and powered by a Tiptop Audio Happy Ending Kit.

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