Thursday, December 22, 2011

Some Wiard for Xmas

A few days ago I received three new Malekko/Wiard modules: the "Unkle" Oscillator, the Boogie filter, and the Noisering. The first stage of my euro modular is now almost complete.

Here is a picture of the system in its current context:

Top to bottom, left to right: Tascam US-800 USB audio interface, rack case with FutureRetro Mobius sequencer and Malekko/Wiard eurorack modular system, Korg EA-1, Mackie 1202 VLZ Pro mixer, Korg ER-1 with Korg Monotron, Nord Lead 3, and iPad 2 with Multitrack DAW.


  1. i found as i got more modules i started getting rid of gear synth and fx -- are you doing the same ?-

  2. Yeah, pretty much. I still use a couple of keyboards but rack gear is only gathering dust.

  3. Nice little setup. The red case looks good, especially with the Nord. I thought you were going for something minimal until I saw the pics of the 5U setup further down the page! Need to get some patchbays and treat that rack gear like part of your modular.

    1. That's how I'm using it now, with a Behringer patchbay on the fx rack. Those fx work great with the modular and some of them even have CV inputs.