Thursday, August 6, 2015

New family reunion - now with cousins

I finally got a picture of all my modulars.

- 92-space MU format modular: One 48-space cabinet plus two 22-space portable cabinets on top.
- 9U (252 hp) Eurorack format modular.
- Effects rack (with patchbay and attenuators for modular-like patching and feedback loops).
- FutureRetro XS Semi-modular w/ FutureRetro Mobius sequencer.
- Nord Modular G2 (expanded) in front of the MU system.
- Nord Micromodular on top of the G2.
- Audiomulch on the Macbook beside the Nord G2.
- VAZ Modular on a Dell XPS Ultrabook on top of the Eurorack.

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